The Balifamily of Daryabad

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The known history of the Taluqdars of Rampur Daryabad estate of district Barabanki, Uttar pradesh, India can be traced back to the times of Shershah Suri, when in an attack by Bhad tribe led the massacre of all the family members of ruling Taluqdar family of Prithuraj near their abode at Mehemdabad in the estate. The pregnant wife of Prithuraj somehow escaped from the clutches of the tribals by hiding in the hollow of a Neem tree.

After the massacre, the tribals had left, and a saintly Brahmin spotted her and took her to his home, where she was taken care of by his family. The widow of Prithuraj gave birth to a male child who was given the name of Neema Rai by the Brahmin, since he was saved by the Neem tree...[PDF]

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